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The health and safety of all individuals is our utmost priority. Everyone has a right to go to work in a safe environment. We take every precaution and safety measure seriously at Black-Hart Construction.
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To ensure the shared commitment of all involved, everyone who works on a Black-Hart site must familiarize themselves with our policies and procedures and acknowledge this in writing. Copies of this acknowledgment are kept in the project files. In addition, regular “job-box” meetings are held on-site by project supervisory personnel.

Prior to starting a project on-site, we complete:

  • Pre-Start Hazard Assessments
  • Site Orientations
  • Safety Inspections

We also require WSIB and a Certificate of Insurance.

We continue with these inspections and assessments as we progress throughout a project. To further ensure that all policies and procedures are being met on larger-scale projects, we retain an independent Safety Consultant who completes periodic on-site reviews and reports.


Our comprehensive Health and Safety Program Manual is kept up to date and meets annual reviews.

No lost time incidents, no claims to WSIB, and no damage to works in progress through accidents have occurred on our project sites since the inception of our company.

We hold a monthly Joint Health and Safety Committee to regularly review any necessary occurrences and events, and we ensure discoveries and outcomes are acted upon accordingly as soon as possible.

To provide everyone with policy and procedure information, a centralized safety board incorporating Notice of Project, hospital routes, site-specific safety protocols, and all required Ministry of Labour documentation is provided at all project locations.

We maintain a WSIB account in good standing. Clearance Certificates are available upon request.

Black-Hart Commercial and Industrial Construction and Design Services

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