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Black-Hart Construction was tasked to complete a three-phase design-build and addition project off the front, rear, and side of Koen Pack’s original building. Koen Pack, a Dutch company that makes products for the floral industry, wanted to house their North American office and a large warehouse for distribution in a statement building that appeared open and inviting inside.



Black-Hart was put in contact with Koen Park to help with the design-build and addition process for their current building. Koen Pack wanted to modify the building to make a statement on the street with dark, monolithic steel and glass while still offering a light and inviting space once you moved inside. We were tasked with creating an open-concept office space, as well as a new warehouse expansion in their current building.

As the project was long-term, Koen Pack wanted to avoid an impact to their operations during construction. They wanted to ensure that communications between their sales team and warehouse remained intact throughout the entire process, and it was our job to find a way to make that happen.

With operations in Canada, Koen Pack was also sensitive to the way weather conditions can impact operations. They wanted to find a way to adapt their warehouse to operate at peak performance year-round.

Koen Pack


Here’s What We Did

We started with a complete analysis of their existing building structure to find out the best way to create the additions they needed while also looking for areas of the building that could be improved. As part of the project, we wanted to enhance the building as a whole, removing any issues or errors that could arise from the original structure.

To help manage the long-term project, we separated it into three phases, each on a different side of the building. Throughout the process we created a compound on site for the office team to perform out of with safe passageways in and out of the building. This ensured the Koen Pack team was operational and could connect with the warehouse team on-site.

We accommodated the needs of the client as we built their warehouse, adding snow-melting technology to the ramps for their loading docks. As they’re busy year-round, ensuring their loading docks are free of snow and ice helps promote optimal production and distribution.

Beyond delivering the building, we also work through any operations issues Koen Pack has, whether the problems have to do with what we built or any areas of the previous building. We’ve become a resource for them as they know if anything needs to be done to change the building, we’re there to make the adjustments.

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